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Eva Hipólito

Sworn translator and interpreter

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Official translations and simultaneous interpreting
Freiburg in Breisgau (Germany)
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As a freelancer running my own translation company based in the South of Germany, I provide the following translation & language services:

  • Interpreting
    • Simultaneous,
    • consecutive,
    • whispered,
    • liaison,
    • sworn (e.g., at the Court or at the Notary Public's office),
    • sight interpreting (oral rendering of a document from one language into another).
  • Translation services
    • Official translations required to apply for a diploma recognition (Anerkennung) in Germany,
    • sworn translations (also known as certified translations),
    • legal translations of contracts, decrees and official documents in general,
    • translations with a declaration of competence/certificate of translation (as required in many English-speaking countries),
    • SEO translation,
    • technical translation,
    • transcription of audio and video files,
    • proofreading and language assessment,
    • website translations.

💡 Please notice: I don't need the original hard copy of your document to write your certified (sworn) translation. You can just send me a readable scanned copy or a photo 📷 by e-mail. Even even a simple photocopy sent by post 📩 would be fine.

Areas of Expertise 🎓 ⚕ ⚖ 📈 🏛️

As an specialist translator and interpreter, these are some of the subjects I cover:

  • Education,
  • Social Sciences & Human Sciences,
  • Creative Translation for Marketing Purposes,
  • Medical and Health Sciences,
  • Politics and International Relations,
  • Legal Matters,
  • Civil Registry,
  • Economics, Finance and Accounting,
  • Scientific Texts.

Being a sworn translator both in Germany since 2007 and in Catalonia since 2004, I can offer certified translations for these language pairs:

  • German-English
  • English-German
  • Catalan-English
  • Spanish-English
  • Catalan-German
  • German-Catalan
  • Spanish-German
  • German-Spanish
  • Catalan-Spanish
  • Spanish-Catalan

Examples of documents I usually translate:

  • Certificate of residence registration (Meldebescheinigung),
  • birth certificate,
  • marriage certificate,
  • death certificate,
  • last will and testament,
  • certificate of inheritance (Erbschein),
  • notarial certificate,
  • divorce settlement,
  • police report,
  • certificate of nationality,
  • driving licence
  • notice of assessment,
  • clearance certificate.
  • Building permit,
  • commercial contract,
  • registration at the Commercial Register,
  • power of attorney.
  • Transcripts of records and university diplomas,
  • healthcare professional permits,
  • proof of healthcare professional status,
  • high school diploma (required to be admitted to a vocational training in Germany),
  • Higher education entrance qualification (e.g., General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, which corresponds to the German Abitur).
  • Instruction manuals,
  • product catalogues,
  • marketing texts.

You can rely on my

  • 20+ years of experience as a professional linguist with a university backround (check my career path),
  • confidenciality,
  • professionalism,
  • integrity,
  • punctuality and trustworthiness,
  • flexible opening hours,
  • profound knowledge of languages and mastery of translation skills,
  • willingness to spend enough time searching for the perfect terminology to translate your documents and conferences.

You will get:

  1. Direct contact with me and a quick feedback.
  2. An exact quote in advance for every individual translation or conference. No unpleasant surprises afterwards!
  3. The certainty that your documents and conferences are in good hands and that they will be treated with maximum confidentiality.
  4. Official translations that will be accepted in Germany if you want to you apply for diploma recognition.
  5. An appropriate packaging to send the hard copies of your sworn translations safely by post.
  6. A perfectly tailored translation to match the precise requirements of your text or conference.
  7. Some rather unusual language combinations for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in Germany: Catalan↔German, Catalan↔English, Spanish↔English, French↔Catalan and French↔Spanish. And, of course, you can also get the more common language pair German↔Spanish.
  8. Sworn translations and certified translations with a Certificate of Translation or a Declaration of Competence. Language pairs from and into German, Spanish, Catalan and English.