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Pricing 💰

There is not a general answer to the question How much does a sworn/certified translation cost? As a reference, you can consider the JVEG (German Act on Payment and Compensation by Judiciary Authorities), but otherwise it's fairly common that both client and translator agree upon a individual price for a certain translation. As far as I'm concerned, I always offer a quotation (fixed price) in advance for every translation/interpreting service.

As a guideline, here is a list of approximate rates I may apply in order to set a price quotation:

  • Minimum charge for translation, proofreading and transcription services: 100 €.

  • Minimum charge for urgent specialist translations and sworn translations: 150 €.

  • Quick quotation for sworn translations Spanish-Catalan-English-German: between 70 and 90 € per page.

  • Delivery by ordinary post: 5 €.

  • For technical translations, I usually apply a certain rate per word. Depending on the difficulty level of the text, the rate might vary between 0.15 and 0.30 € per word.

And how much do interpreter services cost? The costs involved in interpreting must be calculated differently, since they often include hotel accommodation, meals, transportation costs and preparatory work. In addition, the interpreting services are commonly charged per full day or half-day.

Approximate fees for interpreting services according to their different modalities (simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting):

  • I charge 300 € for half-day liaison interpreting and 400 € for a whole day.

  • A whole day simultaneous interpreting costs around 600 € per interpreter.

  • Consecutive interpreting costs 500 € for a whole day.

Don't hesitate to ask for more detailed information for a tailored service. Just contact me to arrange a quotation.🚩