German Catalan English Spanish interpreter

About me 👩

  • Sworn translator & interpreter in Germany, appointed by the Regional Court of Saarland: Für die Gerichte des Saarlandes und die saarländischen Notare allgemein vereidigte Dolmetscherin und Übersetzerin für die katalanische, spanische und englische Sprache. I'm qualified to make certified translations (aka sworn translations or official translations) valid in Germany. You can also use my sworn translations in foreign consulates in Germany as well as in many institutions abroad.

  • Degree in Anglogerman Philology from the University of Barcelona.

  • Postgraduate diploma in Conference Interpreting from the University of Vic.

  • Sworn translator & interpreter of German, Catalan and Spanish. Appointed by the Department of Justice of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Here you can read more about my career as a freelance translator and interpreter.